Skadwid is the main goblin enclave of the Gas Marshes. Located in the west of the marshes, this collection hovels and shanties built in around the trees is built back away from the open marshes that border the Rushing Lake where many stilted huts can be found, housing fishermen and hunters.

The goblins of Skadwid are a tribal people with a long tradition of hunting and an incredible knowledge of herbs, poisons, and the uses of various animal parts. They live in large families, often with several mated couples living under the same roof with their offspring. While not as prone to violence and raising as goblins found in other parts of the world, it is a fool who underestimates their warrior prowess or skill as deception and stealth.

Marsh goblin hunters and trappers often trade with others who make their home around the Rushing River and while they are seldom treated as equals, the goblins have garnered a certain level of respect and credibility among those they trade with. Skadiwid is a place where swamp and lake villagers often journey when they are in need of the goblins’ medicine.

The Great House

In the heart of Skadwid is a towering, meandering house that is home to the chief of the goblins, his closest kin, and his household. It is here that the greatest treasure of the marsh goblins can found in the form of rare pelts and skins, totems and trophies but also magic from ages past, lost in the depths of the swamp lands.

Guarding the great house are numerous totemic wards and fetishes along with armed guard and great marsh rats the size of hounds that constantly prowl the structure, sifting their air with their sensitive noses.

The Poisoners Tree

Deceptively named, the Poisoners Tree is a site on the outskirts of Skadwid, deeper in the marshes where can be found a great tree where can be found the marsh goblins greatest poisoner,s herbalists, healers and renderers. The goblins form a sort of coven or guild collecting and preserving the collective knowledge and skill of generations of goblins in one place. It is well guarded and those who inhabit the place are all known for being almost as toxic in person as their creations.

Contact poisons and concealed drugged traps and tricks protect the marsh around the Poisoners Tree and visitors without permission and and a guide are likely to find themselves incapacitated or worse before even laying eyes on one of the tree’s master mixers.


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