Gas Marshes


The northern expanse of the great eastern marsh lands is region where the marshy woodlands grow thick with an accumulation of pungent gasses that cling to the ground and form a foul mist. This is the realm of the marsh goblins of Skadwid.

Renowned for many dark and horrible creatures, the Gas Marshes are generally avoided by travelers and only braved when a great need arises. As the marshes are the only place to gather certain types of herbs, fungi and medicinal plant and animal parts, these needs due arise, but are never considered lightly. These secrets are well known to the goblins there who have some repute as healers, poisoners and brewers of useful concoctions. More than one desperate fool has sought out the goblins of Skadwid for aid.

Besides goblins, the Gas Marshes are also home to a host of vicious and eerie creatures beyond the usual great spiders and giant lizards that haunt most wild places. One of the more commonly encountered denizens are the bog trolls, hulking brutes with tusks and claws that can rend armored men. Another notable beast is the shambler, an ambulatory heap of living plant matter that stalks the misty shadows, strangling and drowning unwitting travelers.

Another feature of the Gas Marshes are wandering undead in the form of skeletons and animated corpses. These creatures are animated when they fall into specific mist-producing pools that harbor a natural, wild magical energy. The resulting risen dead then meander the mists, presenting a constant threat to those who would brace the marshes. The goblins of Skadwid often collect the bones of these undead for use in totems and charms.

Gas Marshes

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