Evils of Haranshire

Greygrim zhurnal - entry 1

As translated from native tongue

I traveled to Durgin of Hill and Halfman Elrin week through swamps in search of the temple of complete darkness that Durgin dreamed. We came to the stone temple of the old heavy stones. Strange torches of dry manure circled the temple. As we approach, we attacked the treasure of swimmers, who seems to be following the departure of the priest. Soon the swamp seems to come to life and frogmen escape and run to the temple.

When we get to the temple there is a roar behind us. I turn and see the Boloto D’yavola.. It lashes from my mouth, and I’m trying to cut it, but failed. I’m in the mouth. I pull half cut tongue from his throat and spits me. Maybe I did not taste as good as it looked.

As it turns out, to leave halfman casts magic is to increase her anger. It turns out that every attempt Elrin so that I cut off his hand. Then she grabs Durgin and swallows it. Durgin is fighting tooth and kicks, but this is not enough. As the demon turns to leave, I cut leg and a free Durgin.
That night we feast on his feet demons. It’s delicious.

The next day we go to the temple to a secret door that was propped open and an old corpse. Inside we find some smithy works that seem to be from a tribe underground man. It seems that they could be powered by a fire beetles.
As we continue to explore, we find the priest’s quarters. In the room there is a large body of the priest and the gecko. After gecko attack Durgin I will kill him, unfortunately, backpack straps Durgin had been cut.
We continue to explore and to find a fake gold status ancient god Gorm. A few moments later, we are faced with the underground human warriors. Elrin speaks to them and the priest asks us for help with another tribe of underground people who worship Madora which release a great evil.


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